NV G.D. Vajra "N.S. Della Neve" Extra Brut Rosé, Piedmont, Italy


A fragrant sparkling wine, unveiling in the nose and palate the decisive character of the Nebbiolo and the gentle elegance of Pinot Noir. Fresh personality and an important structure, ideally served as aperitif paired with raw fish and cold cuts, and continues to surprise also together with the following

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Nostra Signora Della Neve is the most important vineyard in the blend of this Metodo Classico. It is located in Roddino, at the confluence of the Barolo area and the Alta Langa. A magnificent vineyard, steep, entirely worked by hand from pruning to harvest. The soil, calcareous and poor, forces the vines to dig deep, giving the wine an extraordinary minerality.

This wine takes its name from the small chapel that is situated on the slopes of the vineyard, dedicated to “Nostra Signora Della Neve” - Roddino: the etymological origin of the name of this village refers to the Latin “randus” which means “barren soil”. This explains the effort with which these vines have to cope every year in order to give us these beautiful fruits.


In 1971, Aldo Vaira was one of the earliest adopters of organic farming in Piemonte. Vineyards have been nurtured and soil preserved by grassing and cover crop for almost 50 years now. With an incredible ratio of manual work per hectare, farming at Vajra is a labor of love and “recipe-free” attention. Intense research is also placed into monitoring and improving the biodiversity of both flora and fauna not just in the vineyards, but also in the winery fields and forests.


Vintage NV
Producer G.D. Vajra
Wine Type Sparkling Wine
Grape(s) Nebbiolo, Piedmont
Appellation Piedmont
Region Piedmont
Country Italy
Farming Sustainable