Lehmann "Hommage 72", Machine Made Red Wine Glass, 6 pack


The Hommage 72 cl is made for Red Wine from the G. Basset Collection by Co-founding father of the Lehmann brand. Best Sommelier in the world. Ultralight, machine-made, and dishwasher safe made from Lead-Free Crystal.

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From the Signature G. Basset Collection by Co-founding father of the Lehmann brand. Best Sommelier in the world.

This industrial process as well as our mastery of cold cutting provide great durability and resistance to the product while approaching the finesse and transparency of our mouth-blown collections.

After two years of research & development, the innovative “Ultralight” process is finally available. This manufacturing technique, combining exceptional finesse and optimal lightness, gives the “wow” effect of our signature mouth-blown and machine-blown collections!



Born from the desire to respect the meticulous work of winemaking, the Maison Lehmann out of Reims, France is driven by the desire to offer a unique oenological and sensory experience.

Passionate about the world of tableware, the company settled in Champagne in the early 90s and became a specialist in the design of tasting glasses. At the end of the 2000s, the Lehmann name became a brand under the same name. The company has taken its oenological approach a step further by combining its expertise with that of Gérard Basset, World’s Best Sommelier and Master of Wine.

With the aim to capture the complexity of everything that defines Champagne, the brand collaborated with Philippe Jamesse to launch its first Signature collection dedicated to effervescence.