2021 Le Vigne di Alice ‘Doro Nature’ Prosecco Superiore Valdobbiane, Veneto, Italy


The flagship wine of Alice, and a wine that will get you excited about Prosecco. Single-vineyard, native yeast, extended time with lees and no dosage. A pure expression of Glera from Valdobbiadene. Mineral laden, refreshingly dry, and continuous bubbles.

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Practicing organic. Trees and other vegetation grow among the vineyard plots. No herbicides or pesticides in the vineyard. All weeding is done by hand.

N​ative yeasts. Spontaneous primary fermentation; pied de cuve for secondary fermentation in tank. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks, 18°-20°C; remains on the lees for 60 days. Secondary fermentation in steel tank (charmat method); refermentation for around 60 days at 18°-20°C.


The region of Northern Italy where Prosecco hails from is filled with industrially farmed vineyards that produce wines that are counted in hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of cases annually—not too romantic a picture. Enter Cinzia Canzian, a long time proponent of organic vineyard management and champion of the local varieties and wine traditions of her home region.

Cinzia Canzian, after an experience of almost two decades working for her husband’s winery and the Prosecco consortium, started Le Vigne di Alice in 2004, inspired by memories of her grandmother Alice’s osteria or tavern, where conviviality and wines like A Fondo and Tajad flowed. Her vision was – and is – to bottle artisanal, grower Prosecco that speaks of the grapes and soil, from vineyards at the base of the Dolomites near her home, but also to make sparkling wines that are bone-dry Brut, or even Brut Nature (i.e., no dosage). We call it Prosecco for non-Prosecco lovers (a category that includes us). Alice’s Brut Nature style was the first in the Prosecco area to really get the attention of sommeliers and wine lovers looking for something to pair instead of Champagne, and it is still considered one of the best.


Grape(s) Glera
Farming Biodynamic