2022 Tradizione Zanasi Lambrusco di Sorbara, Emilia-Romagna, Italy


The lightest, most delicate and floral of the Lambrusco wines. This wine is dry and refreshing, showing flavors of cherries, mandarine orange and watermelon. This is super delicious! Pair with Thai or Indian Food.

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Organic farming, clay soils, fermented in stainless steel, held at low temperature and only bottled upon demand to preserve freshness, 30 year old vines; minimal SO2 at bottling only.


Marco Zanasi took over his family estate, started by his father Bruno right after WWII, and has taken their Lambrusco from above average to stellar. Farming organically, he uses modern technology but only in a way that supports the old traditions that his grandfather and great-grandfather championed. He’s managed to avoid the jammy, sugary fruit bomb style that Lambrusco embraced in the 70’s and 80’s, instead making modern, elegant wine, like this Sorbara that is tart and herbal and utterly charming. Sorbara is the lesser known grape variety from the region, and the quick press that is Lambrusco with the grape’s less-pigmented skins makes a pink wine. THIS IS NOT ROSE. Lambrusco is lightly sparkling – just enough to cleanse your palate after a bite of cheese and salumi (the traditional pairing) – but the Bruno Zanasi has that extra layer of herbs, spice and pomegranate that makes it imminently drinkable. We’ve said this before, but we also love that Lambrusco manages to remain impossibly affordable! One day the price will go up, when light, fizzy reds (finally) get sexy – but until then, we’ll keep guzzling this delicious juice all day lonG


Grape(s) Sorbara
Farming Organic