2022 Rottensteiner Schiava, Südtirol Alto Adige, Italy


Fruitful and easy to drink, with notes of violets, cherries and bitter almond. Very balanced with good structure.

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Schiava is one of the most traditional wines from South Tyrol.   The emphasis here is clearly on drinking pleasure and, with this wine, the Rottensteiner family wish to pay a small tribute to the Schiava as the traditional accompaniment to good times.


For over 50 years the Rottensteiner family have been continuing on the dream of their grandfather, Hans, in producing their own wine.

Founded in 1956, Hans’ focus was selling open wines from the winery to Switzerland. In the 1980’s, his son Toni changed over to marketing bottled wines, and since 2001 he has been supported by his grandson Hannes. Not only have the grapes from the family’s 10 hectares  been processed from the onset, but also that of 50 regional grape growers  as well. This close cooperation has extended for generations and is essentially responsible for the excellent quality of the wines.

They have been consciously committed to the varietal character of the particular wines  with a clear focus on the Bolzano varieties Lagrein and St. Magdalener.


Grape(s) Schiava
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