2020 Borgo San Daniele Malvasia Friuli Isonzo, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy


The palate is fresh yet rounded, tangy and long with a hint of ginger in the finish, beautiful expression of ripe golden apple with notes of green mango. We LOVE IT!!

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Malvasia Istriana is named after the Istra peninsula. Once a part of Italy, this area lies mostly within modern day Croatia. The grape can be found in all three countries, including Slovenia. Malvasia is a large family of grapes, believed to have an ancient Greek origin and to be from the islands around Sicily. There is believed to be hundreds of different versions of the Malvasia grape found throughout the Mediterranean area. Malvasia Istriana is a late ripening, semi-aromatic grape that easily produces sugars and can therefore create wines with higher alcohol. When the climate is cool, the soil rocky, and the yield’s are kept in check, this unique grape gives a skilled winemaker a wine that balances rich opulence with a refreshing charisma that appeals to most wine lovers whether you like Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc!

To make this wine, crushing is followed by brief maceration at controlled temperatures and soft pressing. After temperature controlled fermentation, the wine ages on the lees in a natural micro-oxygenated environment until the spring. The cuvèe is prepared in the late summer when the wine is bottled without filtering.


Mauro and Alessandra are leading the charge in furthering biodynamics throughout their region. More than 6 years ago they implemented biodynamic practices to give back to the soil. They now work closely with 6 other small, independent wineries and farms in the area and collectively they share the biodynamic sprays and treatments. “A rising tide lifts all boats,” Mauro believes in helping to improve the practices of his friends and neighbors as well as improving the wines of BorgosanDaniele. For all the varietal wines, two select harvests allow for the grapes to be picked at maximum ripeness, the first harvest adding to freshness and acidity and the second adding depth and richness. We feel that the Malvasia showcases these two combined approaches very well. The broad texture of this wine is accented by rich fruit flavors of apricot and quince, and a strong floral presence on the nose and finish. The richer fruits are complimented by a mineral backbone of citrus that leans towards lime. Extra time on the lees adds a little bit of phenolic tension that makes this a satisfying wine experience from start to finish. These white wine offerings from BorgosanDaniele evolve over time in the glass and get better as they open up and express their full potential.


Grape(s) Malvasia Istriana
Farming Biodynamic