Discover a love affair that has spanned over a decade—the enchanting world of Chêne Bleu. Allow me to share my personal journey and passion for this exceptional winery, and invite you to join me in experiencing the magic it holds.

Chêne Bleu captured my heart from the very beginning, starting with the captivating label designed by the renowned British artist, Jane Randfield. The label portrays the iconic blue oak tree, an emblem of the Domain's essence and allure.

When I first tasted Chêne Bleu's wines, I was instantly transported to a realm of exceptional flavors and unparalleled elegance. The dedication and effort poured into crafting each bottle became evident, leaving me in awe of the immense skill and craftsmanship behind them. Situated on the same latitude as Gigondas, this remarkable Domain benefits from over 300 sun-soaked days, allowing the fruits to reach their fullest ripeness. Moreover, its isolated location atop the "Dentelles de Montmirail" at an altitude of 1600ft creates a unique temperature variation between day and night, fostering the development of truly remarkable flavors. The Mistral, a gentle wind that caresses the vineyard, also plays its part in maintaining a dry and pristine environment.

Chêne Bleu's success story is one of redemption and passion. Xavier and Nicole, the visionaries behind this endeavor, have lovingly revived a once-abandoned site, transforming it into a breathtaking haven for wine enthusiasts. It is a testament to their unwavering commitment, patience, and consistency that Chêne Bleu has blossomed into the epitome of excellence within the VDP Vaucluse.

During a delightful encounter with Nicole Sierra-Rolet, I not only had the pleasure of savoring Chêne Bleu's wines but also shared a profound appreciation for the Domain's values. We agreed that shortcuts can never replicate the true essence of these wines. Respecting the land, wholehearted dedication to Chêne Bleu, and the marriage of passion and savoir-faire are the foundations of its unparalleled success.

I invite you to embark on your own Chêne Bleu journey and experience the magic firsthand. Delight your senses with the symphony of flavors and the sheer beauty of each bottle. Let yourself be transported to a world where time-honored traditions intertwine with innovation, resulting in wines that are truly a labor of love.

~ Perrine 

"French wine critic Michel Bettane called the first vintages in 2006 ‘the birth of a new Grand Cru’. And in the 17 years since Chêne Bleu sold its first Abélard and Héloïse cuvées, praise includes The Wall Street Journal suggesting the vineyard could be home to ‘the world’s first Super-Rhône’."


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